Do you want free hosting? Sure you do. At Retro Rocket we launched a loyalty program to give you the opportunity to host your website for free. Keep reading to find out how.

At Retro Rocket we pride ourselves on building affordable, reliable and beautiful websites. We also pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and transparency. Which is why we tailor our products to your needs.

Retro Rocket designs its products to be affordable – starting from R349 per month. Well what if I told you we could lower that to free per month? This is how.

Retro Rocket wants to grow its family. Currently we do so by reaching out to existing customers and finding out how they heard about us. In the event we discover any new customers referred by you – then your next bill will be 100% off.

Let’s get the word out. Let everyone know that Retro Rocket will help launch their digital footprint. Together we can grow Retro Rocket by offering the same product for free.

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